Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Colo. teen arrested for IM threat

Teen Arrested For IM Warnings About School Attack:
Fort Lupton teen held for threatening Columbine-style attack:
A teen from Fort Lupton, Colorado was arrested yesterday for making an IM threat against his school. According to the articles the 17-year-old warned a female student not to go to school on Valentine's Day because the suspect said he would attack other students with a gun or a pitchfork...

Pitchfork??? Really??? That's a new one on me.

Anyway, the girl told her parents, the parents told police, the police contacted the FBI, and the FBI was able to track the suspect down arresting him and seizing 3 computers from his home. He's now facing charges of interfering with an educational institution.

No motive or french fry related options were mentioned.


  1. If somebody attacked the school with a pitchfork, I'd at least give him points for originality

  2. A student at school makes a joke, and the police spend all their resources to stop him. "A little joke"

    The young lad was just letting off some steam. Give him a break. Come on, where's your sense of humour?

    Nobody goes on a killing spree with a pitchfork.

    The country is full of child molesters, priests, rapists, and child molesting priests. Can we perhaps take them off the streets before spending all law enforcement resources on a teenager's prank.

    You people make me sick :evil:

  3. "child molesting priests"
    :shock: :mad:

  4. Rogue wrote: "You people make me sick"

    And what people would that be Rogue? All the people in this forum...or just a selct few?

    And I believe if you go back and re-read the story, a gun was also mentioned. A gun doesn't sound too funny to me. In this day and age of disgruntled, violent youth, you just can't be too careful now can you?

  5. Rogue must have been talking about me. I tend to have that effect on people who take their online names from X-Men characters.:lol:


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