Sunday, February 19, 2006

Slap on the wrist

Troubled teen pleads to weapons charges:
15-year-old Christopher Rodriguez of Clearwater HIgh School in Florida is known to his classmates as "Nazi". He made comments to his teacher that he always carried a knife and asked questions like "Why do you sit me next to people that I want to shoot?" When confronted by the principal in January if he had any weapons Rodriguez produced brass knuckles and a ski mask. Also a sheet of paper was found that had two columns on it, "Likes" and "Dislikes"...

Beneath the first column, the paper was blank.

Beneath the second heading, he had written a long list of racial and ethnic groups.

When police went to his house they found a mini arsenal that included a Russian SKS semiautomatic rifle and a .22-caliber derringer with a homemade silencer.

His computer contained many visits to "white power" sites and a cache of videos of authentic executions. He also had in his possession a copy of the surveillance tape from the Columbine massacre.

God only knows what this little racist ball of hate was planning and what does he get?

As a result, Christopher Rodriguez has been committed for an indefinite period to a juvenile justice facility in New Port Richey that specializes in teenagers who need mental health counseling.

As a result of the plea worked out Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge Marion Fleming ordered Rodriguez sent to the Mandala Adolescent Treatment Center, a secure facility which specializes treating teenage boys who need counseling for mental problems.

The New Port Richey facility holds up to 33 boys ages 14-18, who are all required to wear uniforms.

The average length of stay is six to nine months, according to the Department of Juvenile Justice.



  1. If it doesn't work, we'll know.

  2. Poor Christopher
    He did nothing wrong
    Commit no crime

    And now they've sent him to prison
    It's just not right
    Well at least we can rest easy that this young lad will be free and back to his old tricks in a few short months

    Here's hopin':razz:

  3. Frankly, I would rather risk seeing another columbine than somebody going to prison for life because they have been labelled one too many times

  4. Maybe there's more to this youg man, something along the lines of his heart and the chance to be genuinely heard. I don't condone his actions {or non-actions}, but if you genuinely take time, you might find a hurting teenage boy. As for the comment fom #3-Vendag = do you really desire to see another columbine shooting? I do understand your outlook on it -- as society, we should all carefully watch and listen to the students who catch our curiosity. No one will ever know just what happend inside the shool. Yes, the 2 boys brought weapons, so their actions were premeditated. However, their reasons for victimizing their "prey" didn't fit in what the media stated about jocks and Afrincan Americans.; the victims were everywere and from different backgrounds. So, Soceity should not want another teerible school shooting, just to keep future victims and suspects together and without animosity. It shouldn't take a shooting for people to wake up and fix their own children's problems and fears. More kids do not need to ennocently die; people need to truly and genuinely listen to their heart and pain. Imagine the decrease in school shootings by litstening to those we suspect as a killer. They just want to be heard.


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