Tuesday, January 31, 2006

High School Girls Arrested in Murder Plot

High School Girls Accused In Murder Plot:
Two girls were suspended from high school on Friday after they were arrested on charges of plotting to kill a female student and dispose of her body.

Jerrica Lee Garn and Rachel Whitmore face felony charges, NBC 4's Mike Bowersock reported.

The two girls, age 15, are students at Clear Fork High School in Belleville.

The threats allegedly were both verbal and written in the form of passed notes.

The Richland County sheriff told the Mansfield News Journal on Monday that there were a series of verbal and written threats and that they were more substantiated than other threats.

No details yet on the motive.

However this is believed to be one of the suspect's MySpace. It's a "friends only" MySpace. It shows the last log in was 1/26/06 which was the night before they were arrested.

More details as they become available.

TOF to LiLO.


  1. Keep this one updated for sure...

  2. I don't understand what's wrong with this country. Two schoolgirls were playing around, joking if you will, and now they're going to go to jail, just for a joke.

    When I was in High School people would say they were going to kill each other all the time, no one got in trouble.

    Why have the masses on this earth turned into cowards?
    Where are the warriors

  3. The Richland County sheriff told the Mansfield News Journal on Monday that there were a series of verbal and written threats and that they were more substantiated than other threats.

    Show me one place that says this was just a joke.

  4. Im sure it wasn't a just a joke. But anyways, is there anymore info on this one yet? I graduated from this high school, and whole story is quite shocking. I can't believe this happened at Clear Fork. I know it can happen anywhere, but when it hits home... it's a lot more realistic.

  5. I haven't heard anything yet Mandy but as soon as I do it will be posted.

  6. I knew Rachel, she has a short fuse...got into a fight with her myself once.
    I knew some of the plan, they weren't going to do anything themselves, a few of my sources say they were looking to hire a "hitman"(probably fellow student that would do anything for them).
    Girl did have some connections though, but she was just a dumb freshman mostly, she needed to be taught a lesson on reality, but this...this'll ruin the life she had planned.
    Guess it's lesson learned hun.

    Lived in Clear Fork all my life, always knew there'd be something like this, I just thought I'd do it.
    I got my problems fixed, now Rachel's gettin hers.

    On her myspace, I know where that picture was taken...
    I've sat in that exact spot...
    It feels weird to be so personaly connected with something like this.

  7. Clear Fork StudentMay 9, 2006 at 3:10 PM

    I'm a student at Clear Fork, a middle schooler, and I'm close friends with Rachel Whitmore's little sister. I'm also good friends with Rachel herself, and I must say this is kind of uncharacteristic of her. I agree with M. Angel, she does have a short fuse...But I also know how she can be influenced by those around her, especially the likes of Jerrica. I recently have been looking into this story because the entire situation has deeply bothered and hurt both Rachel's sister and I, not to mention Rachel's friends and other family members. I happened to find this site, and I really hate how negative this entire situation is, I can't wait until it's over. I don't think anyone knows (or cares) how much this is bothering her classmates, loved ones, and close friends. I look to Rachel as a sister, I love her as such, and believe it or not, she is still one of my rolemodels..Even still, and she always will be.
    People make mistakes. I understand that. Does no one else?

  8. Just another girl fighting worldMay 9, 2006 at 3:37 PM

    OK first off M. Angel I though you were her friend now you are talking trash about her. You are the one who needs to get your life stright. And second off i agree with Clear Fork Student, It DOES hurt her loved ones, also very much her little sister. I know many people didn't like Rachel, but keep in mind MABEY MANY PEOPLE DON'T LIKE YOU M.ANGEL! if the court case doesn't involve you, please try to keep your stuck up, no good, selfish, manipulative remarkes to your self! It hurts many of the people that love her and know her dearly. I know you are nosey but mabey there is a good reason you don't need to know everything in the world. Rachel got caught up with the wrong people. Jerrica was a girl I myself didn't really care for. She was a drug addict, alcoholic, manipulative, and judging person I myself know this from her herself. She treated Rachel like crap but, Rachel put up with it because..she got caught up with all of Jerrica's lies. :grin: have a nice day everyone, and feel free to talk trash about me to... because if you can do it to Rachel, you can do it to me.

  9. I don't see how what I said is considered talking trash, and if you have any personal issues with me you should leave it where it belongs, away from these places. I hate defending myself, but I have to do it.

    Look, I liked Rachel, I still like her, I rarely talked to her but the longest conversation we had was very enjoyable, but that doesn't matter, if she did get manipulated then that's really tragic that she has to have this crap follow her the rest of her life.
    It makes me sad whenever I think of Rach and her family, things are hard enough without these things happening.

    I know exactly who you two are, and I'm ok with that, but the fact is Rachel got herself involved in something really stupid that she could have avoided.
    I would much rather have had it be just the one girl...but when one person is manipulative they will always drag someone down with them, this I know for a fact.
    That's just how these people work.

    I didn't mean to sound so cruel...but it really doesn't matter now after what's happened now does it.
    Don't fight the world, you'll lose.

    People do make mistakes...some more than others...

  10. Just another girl fighting worldMay 10, 2006 at 1:51 PM

    M. Angel and I know exactly who you are too. Also I can fight the world, and not to sound mean but don't ever tell me i will lose because i am a fighter and i will try my best to win. And second off I will take it up to you personaly when you can accually say this to my face. All this hurts so much you don't understand, and never could unless it happend to someone you know dearly. Yes people make mistakes, but if your are going to be her friend while she is here and SAY you have her back, then you should have enough balls to be her friend and stick with her through these times. I am not trying to sound mean,defensive,orwhatever. But if no one else is going to do it...then who will. I am not going to fight with you on the dumb sight talking about stuff they don't even know what they are talking about. Also they don't need to run their mouths about crap when they don't even have the true story. I will take this up with you when we can talk alone.

  11. Problem is, I can't see that happening.

  12. Just another girl fighting worldMay 11, 2006 at 2:53 AM

    problem is, angel you have turned into a bitch. If your going to act like a bitch your going to be treated like a bitch i should know. understand i am only doing something that feels right. sticking up for someone who can't do it themselves right now. I am sorry if i am acting like a bitch, but please understand what all i have to put up with. i am going to say no more, if you wish to contact me do it where no one else can see so we can really talk about whats going on. sorry i am put on the defensive side in the damn thing.

  13. The door swings both ways hun.

  14. just another girl fighting the worldJune 8, 2006 at 6:44 AM

    practise what you preach *hun*


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