Friday, April 21, 2006

Jokethreat in Pennsylvania

Local Student Writes Threat On Bathroom Wall:

BRENTWOOD, Pa. -- A Brentwood High School student is in trouble for writing a threat on the bathroom wall.

Extra police were on campus for the start of the school day Friday morning.

This after school security discovered a Columbine-like statement in a bathroom stall on Thursday.

The district evacuated the building, but found nothing.

Police said a student admitted to making the threat as a prank.

That student will now face disciplinary action.

And a lifetime of...

Is it funny now?


  1. Dumb ass !! - Red Foreman

  2. Why would the student face disciplinary action?

    It's just a joke......we're sending our kids to jail, and ruining their lives over silly childhood pranks

    The governments really going over board here

    It's time to take the power back

  3. You are half right... but the problem is, they cant take risks with anything that could be taken as a threat.

    They have to take every scenario as a real threat and punish those who bog up the system with false threats.

    Bear in mind that even a false threat is a act of terrorism, esp now-a-days with all the school shootings and 9/11... anything that is remotely close HAS to be taken seriously.

    Its a sad sad case because there is a fine line between caution and paranoia and I do believe that we have ventured a little far. But I cant blame those who are in the lead of this, beit government local or federal.

    If you want to "take the power back" I would consider you wise to not make threats, even in jest. I understand why you think this is unfair... to a level I do also. But what if this was done in an airport ?

    I'll give you a scenario...

    8 years ago, plenty of time prior to 9/11... you walk into a airport and go up to the ticket counter to get your boarding pass. The employee asks the big 3 security questions of the time...
    1: did you pack your own bags
    2: have your bags been in your sight at all times
    3: has anyone asked you to carry any packages
    you decide it would be funny to tell the person...
    "no, a crazy looking guy with a turban packed my bags, carried them in for me... and strangely enough, the bags makes a ticking sound"

    Do you think you will make your flight ... that month ?

    I know it doesn't sound the same... but in this day and age, it is. In school, at work, at an airport, in any government building, on a street corner, in the middle of a field... whatever. If you say you are going to cause damage, and someone perceives it to be true... the authorities have to proceed with every measure of the law.

    That's just how it is.


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