Thursday, April 20, 2006

School shooting plot uncovered in Kansas

Cops: Kansas School Shooting Foiled After MySpace Messages Intercepted:
Five teenagers from Riverton High School in Riverton, Kansas were arrested after their plans to shoot up the school were discovered on...where else...MySpace...

Sheriff's deputies found guns, ammunition, knives and coded messages in the bedroom of one suspect, Sheriff Steve Norman said. Authorities also found documents about firearms in two suspects' school lockers.

"What the resounding theme is: They were actually going to do this," Norman said.

Norman said he would ask prosecutors to bring charges of conspiracy to commit murder against the teens, ages 16 to 18. He said the state attorney general would handle the prosecution.

Deputies' interviews with the suspects indicated they planned to wear black trench coats and disable the school's camera system before starting the attack between noon and 1 p.m. Thursday, Norman said. The suspects apparently had been plotting since the beginning of the school year.

Officials at Riverton High School began investigating on Tuesday after learning that a threatening message had been posted on, he said.

"The message, it was brief, but it stated that there was going to be a shooting at the Riverton school and that people should wear bulletproof vests and flakjackets," Norman said.

School officials identified the student who posted the message and talked to several of his friends, Norman said.

But Riverton school district Superintendent David Walters said the significance of the threat didn't become clear until Wednesday night, after a woman in North Carolina who had chatted with one of the suspects on received a list of about a dozen potential victims, including at least one staff member. She notified authorities in her state, who contacted the sheriff's department, Norman said.

And let's throw in the required excuse while we're at it...

Norman said that the potential victims were popular students and that the suspects may have been bullied.

"I think there was probably some bullying, name calling, chastising," he said.

Because as we all know the rational answer to bullying is mass murder. That was sarcasm in case you couldn't tell.

More on this as information becomes available.


  1. The stupidity of some never ceases to amaze me.

    Myspace is a cesspool of illiterate, poser imbeciles (So I have one, naturally! ...Should I start with the excuses? :P) The fact that these kids openly talked about it only adds to my beliefs that the vast majority of them wouldn't actually carry it through. If they were dead serious about shooting their classmates, they wouldn't go blabbing about it on the most accessible and popular networking site on the net. It's all about the attention for these kids, and it's sad.

    The ones who would truly carry out such a massacre...will. And they wouldn't be posting messages on people's profiles about it, signing it "I fulli hayt mi lyf 4eva xoxo".

  2. I had a feeling someone was going to try to do something like this on the 20th of this month. The cops got it all wrong. They wern't going to do it for real. They're just kids having a little fun. I hope the pigs don't actually give them a fine or 2 weeks in jail, cuz' that would be an injustice.

    If they were really going to do this, they would not be posting messages on MySpace and telling people in their school about it.

    I can't believe the police have nothing better to do than waste tax payers money on stuff like this. I mean come on now......Boys will be boys


  3. I cannot believe that after all the bull*hit that has gone down concerning MY SPACE, that they are not more careful to screen the site themselves ! You should have to have proof of age, or parental consent or something. Crazy kids, i say lock em up and throw away the key ! I'd pay top dollar to see the actual site

  4. After reading this site for quite some time now, a question keeps swirling around in my head.

    To home school or public school with my kids?

    Well maybe a private schoold would do too. The answer may be in these sad pages.

    Thanks Trench!

  5. I don't think it has anything to do with home schooling vs. public schoos vs. private schools. It's all about parenting.

  6. There is no homeschool vs. private school vs. public school in my book......homeschooling is the ONLY choice for me. I sent my kids to public school to 2nd grade for oldest and just half a kindergarten year for the youngest. All I can say about that is....what the hell was I thinking? And I live in a "good" community...:lol:

    It is all about parenting and for those who can't live without the big house or the super sized SUV and feel they "have" to still need to be "homeschooling" your kids. Just consider public school day camp (at a hefty cost I might do realize they are getting about $7,000 per student per school year on average for your kids being there of your tax money)....but are they getting a $7,000 education? For that matter, at this kind of cost why in the hell should their be an ounce of fear?

    For the guy considering his options I suggest any book by John Holt or Rebecca Rump. "Angry Parents and Failing Schools" by Elaine K. McEwan is also an eye opener.

    After was Hitler himself that said "Let me control the textbooks and I control the state".

  7. Does anyone know if they actually had guns or ammunition?

  8. I agree with Lois. The kids who actually go through with a school shooting don't tell everyone about it. The real "Eric and Dylan's" just come in and start shooting without much warning! Just like with suicide! They say that in most cases when a person threatens suicide, they are just seeking attention. The ones that actually go through with suicide are people who may be depressed for a long time, then suddenly they start getting better without explanation. The reason they get better is because they've decided to kill themselves and they feel that is the solution to their depression. So, after they actually commit suicide, people say, "Well, he/she was depressed but they seemed to be doing much better." I know this is not in all cases, but in most cases this is the way it is. I'm afraid that another massive school shooting is going to take place someday and no one is see it coming because they are too busy investigating all the b***sh** threats that attention seeking kids are making. Don't misunderstand me! I do believe a threat should be taken very seriously, but I also believe that they are prosecuting innocent kids for any Tom, Dick, and Harry rumors going around. In this case, two guns were actually found in the locker as well as in the bedroom so there may be some substance to this case. But, all of Baldwin County was in chaos yesterday because the adults, DA's, police, etc have been in an uproar over the two Gulf Shores boys who have been accused of planning a "Columbine Style Attack". However, there have been no guns, bombs, or any weapons found on either kid. What were they gonna use? Pencils? This case is based on an attention seeking kid who ran his mouth in class and unfortunately included Joseph Meredith in his plan, without, Joseph Meredith's knowledge. That is fact! So, because the "grown ups", in this ass backwards county, made such a big deal out of the rumors, (and nothing but rumors), two schools in the county had bomb threats, one school closed down early, and other minor threats were made to other schools in the county, including Jr High schools. If anyone had wanted to rob a bank in this county, yesterday would have been the day to do it, because all of the law enforcement officers were protecting our schools from children seeking attention. Like I said before, if they don't stop paying so much attention to these attention seeking minors, a real attack is going to take place and they will never seen it coming. When I was in high school, a fist fight was a big deal. What is going on in this world? What can be done to control this chaos? Wish I knew the answer! Wish somebody knew it!

  9. the reason no one knows the answer is because they believe that there should be ONE answer. But there is no one answer for problems of this magnitude.
    Some cases may be bullying, some may be depression, some may be psychotic behavior and some may be just your regular brain dead moron with a future of McDonald's and wife beating in the trailer park.

    So we answer the bully problem and the rest remain... so on, so forth.

    before, we actually say "this is the answer" we really have to find out all the problems that lead to this sort of thing.
    One of the bigger questions is, what about the jokes ? We HAVE to take them seriously because we don't want a repeat of Columbine, Red Lake, Taber, etc... but kids, being the silly little gooses that they are, will take lite of those tragedies and joke that they will perform such an act.
    So they mean it ? Probably not... matter of a fact, of all the threats Trench makes us aware of, I'd bet that less than a half a percent actually have intentions of a violent action against humanity, via their school or home.
    Knowing that we can not take the situations lightly will not hinder them from making jokes. Just as knowing that they could face expulsion does not hinder bullies, drug dealers and sexual predators (football teams be damned !!)
    What we are facing here is much larger than something with a single answer.

    And I don't care what you believe... god ain't coming down to make things right this time.

    what to do, what to do, what to do :???:

    best I got is getting under the skin of the dumb ass Harris and Klebold fans then telling them how much their heroes sucked.

    other than that... I have no idea.

  10. And that, in and of itself, makes great reading here....


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