Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Teen arrested in Washington plot

Deputies find guns, bomb after hearing of student's shooting plot:

When Pierce County sheriff's deputies confronted a 16-year-old Puyallup boy Sunday morning, they say, he detailed his step-by-step plan to use a handgun and a rifle to randomly kill classmates this Wednesday at Rogers High School.

The teen planned to "randomly select 15 people [to shoot] and save the last round for himself," said Pierce County sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer. He would leave only one magazine remaining, court papers say, "because that is all that he needed."

Sunday morning, deputies seized two rifles, two handguns, ammunition and a homemade pipe bomb from the student's home in the 9400 block of 137th Street East. It's believed the teen, charged Monday with attempted assault, was working alone in a plot to kill at least 15 people at the Puyallup school before shooting himself, Troyer said.

The district learned of the plan from the school's ROTC commander, Troyer said. The suspect, who is in the ROTC program, had sent at least one cellphone text message to a fellow ROTC member outlining what was going to occur, Troyer said.

Deputies reviewed the text messages, which included the following statement: "To finally go out in a blaze of hatred and fury ... to wrongly hurt others for my own sick pleasure before ending it for myself."

The teen planned to take a .22-caliber rifle and a handgun with 15 rounds into the school because they were easy to conceal, according to authorities. He was allegedly going to swipe the firearms from his stepfather's gun cabinet.

The suspect "wanted people to feel his pain, and he wanted to be hated, not having earned respect in the past," Troyer said.

The 16-year-old has been booked into Remann Hall juvenile jail in Tacoma on suspicion of assault and manufacture of an incendiary device.

And let's throw in the usual excuse while we're at it...

James Mazza, associate professor in the University of Washington's College of Education, said kids who lash out through school violence often "are victimized by bullying."

"They have exhausted their repertoire of coping strategies," said Mazza, whose specialty is school psychology. "When kids have such access to guns, it becomes a coping strategy."

Even though the article never mentions bullying as the motive. It just said he didn't earn respect.

And this has to be one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever read...

Mazza said most kids who concoct violent plots likely have been "on the radar screen" of school faculty for years. But, he said, many schools lack money to provide students with mental-health help.

It shouldn't be the school's job to provide mental health help for your kids. It's your job as a parent to provide it.

In a perfect world parents would take more responsibility for their children then bullying and school shootings wouldn't be a problem.

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  1. How can the police arrest this young rebel, and send him to jail? He hasn't done anything wrong. Many teenagers feel isolated and alone, and for such a reason they may create an imaginary reality within their own mind, such as shooting people.

    If he was really going to kill alot of people then he wouldn't be telling people he was going to do it. It's just common sense. I believe he just wanted a little attention, nothing more.

    Lets hope he gets outta jail soon, and the police give him back the guns the seized


  2. Congratulations. You're banned. :mrgreen:

  3. morons morons everywhere no IQs in sight

  4. Exactly!!! This is one to definately take serious! I do believe that in the majority of cases, the shooters don't tell anyone of their plans before carrying it out, but this is way too detailed. I guess he decided to share his feelings with one person who he trusted and thought would agree with him or it was a cry for help to stop him from doing it. And it worked, thank goodness!!
    I'm so sick of the bullying excuse too. Kids are cruel, period!!! Bullying has been going on since time began. Women are having children like crazy these days because they can't keep their legs closed or because they don't know the meaning of birth control. These women don't want these kids, they just want the pleasure they get in making one. Then the kid gets tossed out on the street, left alone all the time, sent to live in foster homes, etc. These children are seeking attention because they aren't getting it at home or where ever it is they are being raised. Of course, I also have studied some who come from, the so called, "wealthy, good, successful families" and you would never expect it from these kids, but the ones I've studied were left alone or with a nanny alot because the parents were always traveling or working.
    I do believe it starts in the home, but as I've said in other blogs on this awesomely interesting website, since this has become a major problem in the school system, something needs to be done within the school system to deal with this. The kids are taking over. The adults don't seem to be in control anymore.
    Remember the days when we only had 4 or 5 channels on TV? Families would sit down and eat dinner together and maybe enjoy a primetime television show together in the evenings. That just dosen't happen very often anymore. Times have changed and they are only getting worse.

  5. Again I'm back, but uh, he didn't really seem like the type to do a school shooting, I'm judging by his myspace, and his friends didn't think so either according to his comments, so it probably was just for attention.

  6. I know Brian Evans, he is a person that I consider to be a brother of mine. He is a proud kid, and he was screaming for help, it's just no one, other than a few friends noticed and tried to help. He is a good kid, and unless you know him, you should not judge. However the judging of him will happen anyways, so take it from me, he is a good kid.

  7. so uh... explain the news artical.


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